As I am sure you have seen in the press recently, Medibank Private is being sold, and there is a lot of discussion and commentary as to whether or not to participate in their IPO (initial public offering). I have done quite a bit of research to assist you in making an informed decision as…

Perpetual Equity Investment Company (ASX ticker code PIC) is to be listed in November. There is some detail on our Facebook page but if you’d like more information on this investment opportunity and how it might enhance your current portfolio, please call us so that we can discuss it with you.

At its meeting today the RBA board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.50%.

The Blue Sky Alternatives Access Fund Limited (BAF), through BSAAF Management Pty Ltd (the Manager), invests in a diversified portfolio of Alternative Assets managed by Blue Sky Entities. Currently these asset classes include Real Assets, Private Equity, Private Real Estate and Hedge Funds. Under the Company’s investment mandate, each asset class must represent no more…

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