Date: 18/05/2015 – 8:00am

Owing to their popularity, we will be holding another Executor Presentation Session at our Indooroopilly Office on Monday 18 May 2015 at 8.00am.

When talking to clients about their Wills and Estate Planning, I am often told that the Executor of their estate is their children. What I have also discovered is that very few of us actually understand what is involved in being an Executor. When I discovered this, I asked two solicitors I know to put together a presentation on “All You Need to Know to Be an Executor”.

When I last presented this topic, the reactions were interesting: apart from the information sharing, one son had to tell his father that he really didn’t have the time to be the Executor of his estate, and another father, recognising that it is quite a time-consuming activity, added in a payment to his Executors to re-imburse them for the time they will spend administering his estate.

This year we will have the privilege of having Scott McDonnell in attendance. Scott is a solicitor that has worked with a number of our clients on re-structuring their Wills. He will be there to answer any of your more technical questions that I am not qualified to answer.

I encourage you to bring along any friends or family, particularly any adult children who are your Executors. I believe it is important to educate our younger generation on the importance of estate planning – and also to let them know what they are in for when they have to sort out your estate.

Please contact our office on 3260 7700 if you would like to attend this session.


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