Below is a recent update by Hugh Giddy from Investors Mutual. Full article available here

Anton Tagliaferro of Investors Mutual and QV Equities speaks to Tom Piotrowski about the current state of the global economy, and his LIC, QV Equities (QVE.ASX). This was originally posted on the QV Equities website

The following is a snip-it from Premium China’s February 2016 Investment Insight Amidst the market volatilities seen in the month of January and the increasing fear of a China hard landing, we would like to share with you our investment team’s view on the recent market developments and thoughts on topics such as currency and…

Why China fears are overblown By James Laurenceson @ Business Speculator The capacity of Australia’s financial markets to see ghosts lurking in China’s economy has reached new heights. Analysts explain that the main reason $100 billion has been wiped from the value of local shares since the beginning of the year is that China is…

An interesting article written by Matt Sherwood that addresses the recent market volatility. The Sherwood Market View, 14th January 2016 IDENTIFYING THE EPICENTRE OF GLOBAL MARKET VOLATILITY The selling pressure in global sharemarkets has intensified over the past week despite the delivery of some positive economic data in China (the December trade balance) and the…

At its meeting today, the Reserve Bank held the current cash rate at 2%. To discuss how this effects your financial situation please contact us today.

Summaries of the Federal Budget handed down on 12th May 2015.

This afternoon the Reserve Bank dropped official interest rates to a record 2%! To discuss how this effects your financial situation please contact us today.

The presentation is in two parts. Here they are below.   Part 1: Part 2:

The RBA has cut interest rates to 2.25% – another record low. How soon will the retail banks cut their mortgage rates – and their deposit rates? Do you have a plan in place to boost the return on your savings?

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