We have recently finished our first round of client briefings.

Following our second one with the team from Pengana Australian Equity Fund, long standing clients John and Dot provided the following feedback:

Hi Geoff,

Thank you for the invitation to attend the client/investors fund meeting with Pengana Capital last Thursday. Much information was gained on how fund managers/analysts utilize funds within a particular fund.

Rather than being part of a large group of clients it was more relaxing/intimate to sit around a table to listen to their philosophy and beliefs
when researching a particular stock. It was more personal and comfortable to be able to eye ball the presenters at a close range. We felt it was a much relaxed way of being able to discuss investment matters on a more or less one on one basis.

The presentation focused around a particular fund – Pengana Australian Equities Fund. In this fund they maintain real value of the investment for a reasonable return as well as capital preservation. It was pleasing to hear they are “in the business of protecting capital and making money” and if they can’t find a suitable investment that justifies the risk, they stay in cash.

We like the philosophy of assessing an investment by the bottom up approach. No doubt this gives a greater opportunity to achieve
their goal of a reasonable return. Apparently there are no large investors/institutions in this fund so we consider this to be a positive as there is no likelihood of them influencing the decision making. Their investment process is to our liking i. e. the analyst/fund manager access a wide range of brokers and research houses as well as visiting management of potential/ current business they invest in to discuss transparency, budgets and competent management.

This small group philosophy of BMM client/investor meetings is a super idea.

Will we attend such future briefings?


If you would like more information on our upcoming client briefings, please refer to the seminar section of our website – or give us a call!

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