No, neither do we.

But if your income is above $90,000 (single) or $180,000 (couple) and you don’t have private hospital insurance, you’ll be paying the Medicare Levy Surcharge ¬- that’s an extra $900 (single) or $1800 (couple) in tax.

The good news is you can avoid this penalty because there are hospital insurance policies that cost about the same as the extra tax you are paying. Even a basic private hospital policy has to be better than donating more tax to the government.

Happy Birthday – NOT! If you turn 31 in 2017/18 and don’t have private hospital insurance, you’ll pay 2% extra in premiums for each year you delay taking out hospital cover. Happy birthday from the government!

Now Let Us Help.

To avoid these penalties, simply click here, provide a few details and a health insurance specialist engaged by Brisbane Money Management will contact you to review your situation and make recommendations*. There’s no cost, no obligation and it’s completely confidential.

If you already have private health insurance, why not check you’ve got the right cover at the right price? There’s no time like the present. Just click the link above and we’ll be in touch. You’ve nothing to lose.

(* This service is provided for Brisbane Money Management by ItsMy Health (ItsMy Pty Ltd). If you participate in this offer, a representative of ItsMy Health will contact you on behalf of our firm. The telephone call will be from an 03 (Melbourne) number. If you buy a private health insurance policy, switch funds or levels of cover, Brisbane Money Management may receive a commission from the health fund.)
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