Are you aged 55 or over but not yet ready to stop working?

If you’re 55 years old or more, a Transition to Retirement strategy will allow you to access your superannuation benefits as an income stream while continuing to work.

With this strategy, you’ll have two accounts:

  • A superannuation account – your future employer and your salary-sacrificed pre-tax contributions go into this account.
  • A pension account – some or all of your current superannuation savings go into this account to provide you with a pension that tops up your income.

A Transition to Retirement strategy will mean you can:

  • Reduce your working hours without reducing your net income or
  • Increase your superannuation savings without impacting your income if you still want to carry on working.
  • Receive tax benefits on this income stream.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so you should discuss the best option for you with an expert – contact us on 3260 7700 to arrange an obligation free appointment to talk to Geoff.

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