Seven reasons why writing our book offers personal and professional re-invigoration: and the antidote to the blues.


Publishing works, according to MaryAnn Leighton, self-published author of ‘Equine Emergency Rescue’:

“I never expected to have a new career thrust upon me in my early 60s but I have gone from being a quietly successful freelance writer and biographer to an almost full-time Large Animal Rescue educator and supplier of Large Animal Rescue training and rescue equipment in Australia.”

Retirement offers a certain freedom, but the price can be the lack of structure and daily routine leading to social isolation and inactivity, and a very real loss of identity and purpose beyond the home.

As much as we might grumble about it at times, meaningful work truly provides some of life’s greatest satisfaction, giving us a sense of worth and value – as well as a comfortable income level, naturally.

Alarmingly, according to a report released by the UK Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in 2013, retirement brings on an initial burst of new-found energy, but over time increases your risk of clinical depression by 40 percent, while raising your chances of being diagnosed with a physical condition by 60 percent.

For some, even the approach to 60 brings a very real fear that it is nearly all over; that their best days are done – yet they feel they have so much more to give. After all, it takes that long to finally figure it all out.

So it is heartening – and not entirely surprising – to read that Australian women aged over 65 are starting their own businesses at a rate unmatched by any other generation in the last 10 years, according to research from Bankwest in 2013, with 18,500 businesses entering the local market during the last decade.

If you have a lifetime’s treasure of experience, writing and self-publishing your own non-fiction book in your area of expertise may be just the thing you need, whether you are:

  • in the early days of a new business
  • looking for a way to leave a legacy and a footprint before or during retirement
  • seeking a way to stay active in your industry, on boards and committees
  • looking for a meaningful project in retirement.

The act of self-publishing your knowledge and experience in a book of some shape or form can be truly transformative.

Seven simple yet amazing benefits of self-publishing

Independent book publishing is now easily accessible and affordable to anyone willing to devote their time and energy to a chosen project.

  1. Writing and self-publishing your own non-fiction book in your field of expertise will do wonders for your sense of purpose and value – and keep your cognitive functions in peak performance.
  2. Authoring a quality non-fiction book is one of the most effective strategies for personal growth, and career or business reinvention.
  3. Publishing your own book can be the springboard to consulting, mentoring, public speaking, invitations to join boards and committees, and more.
  4. With the rapid increase in the number of people over 60 starting businesses, a book can be just the thing to set you apart, raise your visibility, and bring you interesting business.
  5. Publishing preserves your hard-earned wealth of knowledge and experience for the benefit of those coming after you. You leave a footprint and a legacy.
  6. Publishing removes the frustration of invisibility – the feeling that in the world’s eyes your best days are over after a certain age.
  7. Your book project will provide a structure to your days. You decide on the number of hours per day or week you wish to devote to your book and create a routine that feels and looks like meaningful work.

It’s an adventurous, fun, creative process, with amazing repercussions, this self-publishing gig, and it stretches you in wonderful ways.

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