Here at Brisbane Money Management, we are forever considering new ways to improve our offering to our valued clients.

More recently, we have partnered with a team who specialise in reviewing your health insurance. They could be considered a wholesale version of iSelect or Compare the Meerkat (Market). As with all investments, products and services we offer, one of us always does a road test the product, investment or service, before offering it to our clients.

At the end of 2016 I registered myself for the health insurance review.

All that was required was to enter my name, contact details and the name of my existing health insurance fund using our personalised link which I will detail below.

I was then contacted by an operator the following day, and after a five-minute chat about what I was looking for in a policy, she agreed to give me a call back shortly once she had reviewed potential alternatives to what I currently have.

I received a phone call not 15 minutes later from the health insurance specialist who discussed the options that she had reviewed. She then explained that the current plan I am on is the best for my needs, while also being the most cost effective. We agreed that we would leave it as is and I would be in touch ahead of the annual 1st of April changed to premiums.

For those of you who I am yet to meet, I am a 27-year-old with no children – so my need for health insurance is just for me. This service couldn’t have been easier.

One of our clients, we’ll call her Mary, has also recently tried this service. Mary is married, aged over 65 and retired.

Pleasingly, her comments about the service were not dissimilar to mine. The consultant she dealt with was more than helpful, following a 10 or so minute conversation she was presented with a number of alternatives to her existing policy.

Mary went away to consider her options, calling the consultant back on two separate occasions to confirm or ask further questions, both times she was greeted politely and with a wealth of information.

Although Mary did decide to end up staying where she was originally, she found the service incredibly easy and provided her with peace of mind knowing that her policy was the best for her needs, and her husband.

For just 10 minutes of your time, I encourage everyone to review their existing policies, particularly as we approach April where all premiums are reviewed. To do so, please follow the link below.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office on 07 3260 7700.

BMM Health Insurance Review


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