Over the last 2 weeks, we have held seminars for clients and their friends at Sherwood RSL and Geebung/Zillmere Services and Memorial club with a presentation on Aged Care and Aged Care Strategies following the major changes to the rules from 1st July this year. Aged Care is always an emotional topic – and, since…

A great presentation on Alternative Investments by Vaughan Henry of Blue Sky Investments this afternoon – thank you very much, Vaughan! Geoff talked on Aged Care and strategies to address the new Aged Care rules at Sherwood RSL.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and use the attached link to take you to a 15 minute video of Hamish Douglass talking about Magellan’s views of the current markets.  


Their knowledge and experience shines

A collapse of the financial adviser with whom we had a 20 year association forced us in to looking for a new adviser. This is not an easy task when starting all over again and having to place trust is someone unknown to us. Geoff and Brisbane Money Management saw us through a smooth transition, discussing thoroughly our needs and making suggestions to suit our future and the best ways to invest our funds. The ease and comfort of the transition made this move so easy and we were able to fully trust Geoff and the amendments he was suggesting to our portfolio. Since then we have had excellent advice, complete and open communication and positive growth in our portfolio. The support staff have always been on hand to answer ridiculous questions from us without belittling us in any way. Their knowledge and experience shines through in everything they handle. We are regularly updated on market trends and feel that BMM are keeping an eagle eye on our investments as if it were their own. Most of all, we feel safe with BMM.

– Shelia (Age 55, Administration Assistant)

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