Aged Care has been a hot topic for Governments over the past few years. Sweeping changes in this industry have been made that make the fee structures more transparent and fair.

With these changes, however, come continued review and changes, making funding ones Aged Care facility potentially quite complex. This is compounded when considering selling the family home, maintaining the Age Pension and having sufficient cash flow to continue funding one’s retirement.

We are able to formulate a strategic plan that will be suit your needs and cashflow, with consideration made to your potential income support entitlements.

When it comes to Aged Care, we are firm believers that you should begin the discussion before it is forced on you – Make the decision while it’s your decision. Taking the time to properly plan ahead, can save potential headaches and dollars down the track. Furthermore, with the ageing population we have in Australia, leaving it too late can mean you have to move away from your existing neighbourhood and support network in order to find a vacancy.

When it comes to Aged Care, it is important to start the conversation early.

Please contact us if you would like to begin this conversation today!