Having enough money for retirement is really only part of the story – and if you’ve worked with Brisbane Money Management leading up to the day you finish work, you’ll have a very good idea where your next pay cheque is coming from. BMM work with you, to make sure that the payments are structured correctly and that where they come from will help your eligibility for any Centrelink benefits to which you may be entitled.

It’s also important that you have made plans on what you’re going to do with your time. Many people about to retire realise that playing golf every day is going to take the fun out of the activity.

The dream of selling the home of the last 30 years and buying that unit up the coast comes to nothing when you realise that all your friends and family – the people you enjoy spending time with – are right here.

Have you given any thought to where you might live as you age? Is that double-storey you’ve been living while you’re fit and well going to be the right place to live when your knees start playing up? Having 1000m2 may have been great while the family was growing up, but who’s going to mow the grass now?

Part of the BMM service is to get you thinking about these things before they become a problem. Your BMM adviser has worked through these issues with many clients so that you enjoy not having a job to go to!