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To all BMM’s Friends and Family
The battle continues

As you know I has been receiving treatment for an adenocarcinoma in my left lung since it was diagnosed last November – and it looked as if I was winning the fight.

Following my skiing trip to Falls Creek 3 weeks ago, putting the new hip to the test, I had another round of scans. The diagnoses from these scans was a surprise to everyone involved – and, sadly, not in a good way. The cancer appears to have spread to some of my other organs.

This means that my treatment plan has been stepped up. A couple of weeks ago, I started intravenous immunotherapy once a fortnight (Nivolumab/Opdivo – had 2 doses so far) and have just completed a 5-dose series of stereotactic radiation therapy.

At the moment, my health is doing very well with all my blood counts being exactly where they should be. Other than a little tired from the treatments, I continue to function at a reasonably normal level. I played a hockey semi-final on Tuesday evening (we won, so preliminary final next Tuesday), plan to play for Queensland in the National Masters’ Hockey Tournament in September/October and will complete a 10km charity run for the Running CEOs next week.

BUT, all future events will be driven by how I feel at any point in time. Again, no-one is able to tell me how I will react to the treatment and, so, I’m not sure of the impact it will have on my working life.
What I do know is that Tristan, Sandra, Tony, and Will will continue to provide you with their excellent advice, service and support while I will be there as much as possible – so, business as usual at Brisbane Money Management! To provide any extra support, should it be needed ever, I have arranged with our licensee for any back up if it is needed.

I am at work and my plan is that I will continue to be here except I have 2 weeks off playing hockey next month and then a week away in South Australia on a business conference in October. I hope that by the time these are over I will be back full-time, ready to continue helping you enjoy the lives you have planned.

Kind regards

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