Buying that coffee every morning from a cafe’ on your way to work is something we don’t normally think twice about, indeed it is often considered a necessity to get through the daily grind.

But that little bit of morning joy comes at a big price tag over the long run, and not many consider how else they could be using this potentially huge saving.

Mortgage Choice Australia has calculated, that if you can cut back your $4 takeaway coffee to just every second day, and contributed the saving to your home loan, you could cut up to two years off the life of your loan and save yourself over $20,570 in interest payments over the life of the loan! (based on a 30 year, $300,000 loan at 5.5% interest.)

Cutting down on coffee doesn’t have to mean cutting it out completely, we understand the need for a coffee to get yourself and your brain working for the day!

A lot of workplaces provide instant coffee, which can drastically reduce your spending on the glorious beverage, if you can hack it. Instant will never be a replacement for a real coffee, but if it is going to save you over $20 000 in the long run and cut time off your home loan it may be worth making cafe’ coffee an every-now-and-then treat. (It is always much nicer to be able to sit and enjoy it too, brings the romance back to the cafe’ experience)

If you really can’t stand the instant stuff, think about investing in a coffee machine at home and taking your coffee in to work with you. There are plenty of cheap coffee machines out there that will work just fine for your home, Aldi sells a pod machine for just $80! (Link at the bottom of the page) Pair this with a $30 milk frother (link provided) and you can basically have your own cafe’ in your kitchen. You can make it even more fun with some of the cute eco-friendly travel mugs too, which can help out tea and coffee drinkers alike! (Link to a cute typo one at the bottom of the page)



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