As some of you know, Geoff does some work with the Griffith University Financial Planning course.

Below is some feedback he received from a student following Geoff’s participation in the course’s orientation day.

Hello Mr Orr,

My name is Toby Eade, we met just yesterday at the Griffith Business School orientation mini market. I approached your stall and discussed the role of a financial planner and was briefly introduced to your company.

Soon after my departure, I couldn’t help but delve into the resources you gave me and gain more insight into not only financial planning as a career but also you as a business owner and professional involved in personal finance for several decades.

Your colleague, Duncan (I do hope I remembered these names correctly), spoke more in depth with me and made the claim that in his opinion your book is “better than the Barefoot Investor”. I was excited to see if I agreed with this notion considering the Barefoot Investor is such a well-known best seller. Mr Orr, what I read did not disappoint me. The concise, structured, easy to read style of the book made for a compelling read and contains information that I believe a lot of Australians need to hear.

I just wanted to thank you for the time spent with me and the quality advice you’re handing out free of charge. I’m scheduling my attendance to the GUAC (Griffith University Association of Commerce) events throughout the semester which from what I recall, will include some appearances from members of the FPA, so perhaps our paths will cross again.

Hope to speak with you again,

Best regards,
Toby Eade

Better than The Barefoot Investor from a student and another adviser! Praise indeed!

If you’d like a copy of Geoff’s book “Your Future: Shape it – 6 steps to financial peace of mind” – please get in touch!

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