With Christmas around the corner people are starting to look at their accounts to review their options. Now is not a time to for us to preach budgeting, cashflow management or priorities – and nor will we.

With just 4 fortnights until the big day, here are 3 ideas that may help for Christmas 2018. If you would like to talk about planning Christmas 2019 – please get in touch!

  • Work out how much you would like to spend on the festive season and divide it by how many pay cycles left. $2,500 and get paid fortnightly? That’s $625 per pay your need to leave aside.
  • Know your credit card cycle. If it rolls over on the 17th and you know you are running a touch tight – buying that nice gift for your partner might be worth waiting for until after the 17th.
  • Share the day with loved ones, and share cooking!!

If you would like to share some of your ideas – please sing out!


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