You can’t get the money until you’re 65, so why bother about it now? It’s just something that your employer puts money into but it you don’t need to worry about it!

Did you know that putting in place the appropriate investment strategy may improve your returns dramatically – if you get an extra 1% per annum on your investment returns over 30 years, the balance of your superannuation fund will have more than an extra $30,000 per $100,000 initial investment.

Are you contributing as much as you could be to get extra contributions from your employer? Are you contributing as much as you need to to fund the retirement you want? Have you thought about salary sacrificing and whether this is a good thing for you to be doing to? Do you have as much insurance inside your superannuation as you need or could have to meet your needs? Could you fund more insurance within your superannuation to meet your needs now, even though this may have an impact on the amount you have when you retire?

Your adviser at Brisbane Money Management will work through your needs and give you advice on how to make the most of your superannuation to help you meet your needs.