The two most common questions we receive about debt relate to mortgages and credit cards.


BMM have teamed up with Stephen Yang from Mortgage Design who assists our clients in ensuring they are not paying too much for their mortgage. Stephen suggests that if you haven’t had your mortgage reviewed in the last 2-3 years, you could be paying too much.

Stephen has access to 48 lenders and over 2,000 mortgage products at a click of a button.

If you would like for your mortgage to be reviewed, please let us know!

Credit Cards

Do you know someone whose credit card account has got so bad that they’ve cut up the card and are making the monthly minimum repayment to get the bill paid off?  Or have store cards that are charging them 21% per annum and they just can’t get them paid off?

Did someone in the tea-room at work suggest that you consolidate your credit card and store card debts on which you’re paying 18% into a personal loan?

We are able to provide you with simple strategies to pay your credit card debt off, and then use it to make you money – yes make YOU money.

Brisbane Money Management have helped many people work through their debt management issues – helping them work through debt repayment budgets, focussing on the most expensive debts – using strategies that will accelerate debt repayments without affecting day-to-day spending, where possible.