Do you get your half annual statement from your superannuation fund and chuck the envelope in a drawer or the bin – after all, you can’t get the money until you’re 65 so why worry about it now? Anyway, all super funds have been going backwards, haven’t they? If you open the quarterly statement for your investment, do you wish you understood what it was telling you? Would you like to understand what this investment is doing for you and your financial future? Could you be doing something more useful with the money?

As we’ve started our relationship with you helping you decide what it is you’re trying to achieve, we’ll be able to explain what your superannuation and other investments are doing that will help you achieve your objectives. Once you understand what these investments might do for you, Brisbane Money Management can help you decide what changes may be necessary to make them work even harder for you!

Do you know where your money really is and what it is doing for you?