Even if you are a fitness guru or an athlete in training there is always a benefit to hiring a Personal Trainer (P.T.), even if it is only periodically to keep you on track. But what else can they offer you besides getting you fit? We see images in the media of a typical P.T.; running their clients ragged, who are sweating and grimacing as they pump out a few more reps. But this is a rather shallow picture of what a P.T does…

They’re more than Trainers; they can be guides, confidants, supporters and carers, in the sense that they have a vested interest improving your health and wellbeing. Here are some of the best reasons to hire a P.T:

  1. To improve your overall health, not just your fitness. Holistic health is about looking at your health as a multi-faceted entity. There is nutritional health, mental health, heart health, lung health, cardio-vascular health, muscle health, bone health, and plenty more. Each one can be improved or neglected in isolation, and although trying to improve one is better than doing nothing, a P.T. can assist you in improving several of these at the same time. This is done through their knowledge and expert understanding of human anatomy and physiology. A good P.T. stays up to date on the current research, allowing their training programs to reflect the most effective methods for improving their client’s health.
  2. To change your body. Many people wish to change their body in some way. Physically-speaking, the body can be changed through nutritional and exercise programs. There is insurmountable evidence to suggest that body fat and muscle mass can be significantly increased or decreased in this way. A practicing P.T. will be doing this each week, with many different clients, making them the ideal person to help you make this change.
  3. Accountability. Although ultimately you are responsible for taking your body through the fitness journey, a P.T. can help keep you accountable, and remind you that you are in this for you. It helps to think of a personal trainer as more of a guide than a drill sergeant. They’ve been on the journey many times, and know the most effective routes to take.
  4. Experience. Most P.T. will have more than one client. It is their job to change people’s lives through improving their health, so this means they are getting a lot of exposure to peoples eating and exercise habits. Have you been spinning your wheels trying to lose weight? To get stronger? To eat healthier? The average P.T would more than likely have a client or two who has faced similar battles to you already, and helped them get closer to their goals. They are the best person to have on your team, with their experience and knowledge, you would be wise to take them on board!

So sign up for the kickstart exercise plan! Contact Sandra on 3260 7700.

Written by Conrad Close conrad@betterbeing.com.au


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